With a readership of approximately 18,000 each month in print and interactive digital editions, Nuclear Decommissioning Report (NDR) communicates to all levels within the industry, from personnel in the field to project management and the top decision-makers at the world’s leading decommissioning firms, remediation firms and waste facilities, as well as government regulatory agencies. Our readers are planning decommissioning projects and working in facilities that need your products and services. By making NDR the platform to spread your message, you will ensure you are reaching a targeted audience of potential buyers. Not only will your company’s advertisement be included in our print edition, but it will also appear in our digital edition, available on our website as a free download.

NDR also features ‘tags’ in advertisements and editorial which readers can scan with their smartphones for instant access to websites, videos and more; all links in advertisements and editorial are clickable in the interactive digital edition as well.

NDR facilitates the complex goal of profitably navigating the ever-changing decommissioning landscape. NDR – The innovative multimedia platform for critical industry intel in Print, Digital, and on the Web.

NDR reaches:

Engineers/Consultants (CHP, CIH, CSP, radiological project engineers)
Project/Operations/Maintenance Production Managers
Tech. Supervisors and Foremen
Regulators & Government Agencies
Executives, CEOs & Managers
Research Organizations, Laboratories, Universities

Many sites are experiencing or drawing near their end-of-lifecycle, increasing pressure to decontaminate, decommission and remediate the world’s legacy nuclear sites to ease nuclear new-build. With governmental budgets for nuclear decommissioning activities in the tens of billions, the relevance and value of Nuclear Decommissioning Report are impossible to ignore.